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The following testimonials from a selection of the company's customers show BUDO-PLAST bathtubs and shower trays to be a high quality products, available at a very attractive price.

2011.04.14 - Iwonicz Zdrój - "IWONICZ S.A." Spa

Iwonicz Spa ordered the ELEGANCE PLUS bathtub from BUDO-PLAST three years ago.
It was equipped with the hydrotherapy system and at present is mainly used to perform the hydromassage treatments of the lower parts of the human body.
To date, we have performed over 4000 hydrotherapy treatments ...

MD Robert Śliwowski

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2011.05.30 - Warsaw

Buying a walk-in bathtub was the best investment for my 80-year-old parents. Since my father has problems with moving because of degenerative hip and severe contractures in the calves, he practically stopped taking baths. ELEGANCE walk-in bathtub allowed him to return to normality. I would like to add that my mother is also very happy with the purchase as she has less work now in helping my father taking baths.
Installation of the bath was easy and did not require us to rip out the whole bathroom – it was enough just to remove the old traditional bath we had and put a new one in. Another advantage of this bathtub is the really comfortable seat and of course the price is very competitive compared to the same type of products offered by other manufacturers.
I highly recommend this purchase for people who think a bath is not worth the bother and need to make life easier, especially when getting older. It is a pity that so few people know about the possibility of buying such a facility / (bathtub) – maybe company should think about an advertisement of their products in the newspapers or TV?
I sincerely thank you with all my heart.

PS. The transport of the bathtub was not a problem. The producer arranged an excellent courier company and at a very reasonable price.

Anna Gałecka-Babisz

2011.04.28 - Wrocław

I bought an ELEGANCE bathtub before Christmas and got it the first day after Christmas. I must admit that I did not expect it to be so quick. After installing the bathtub with relative ease, I can say that the purchase was a great deal.

Piotr Parchatko

2011.04.13 - Cracow

The ELEGANCE PLUS bathtub is an excellent choice. A similar bathtub in other companies would have cost me around 3500 EUR. To my surprise I have got a comfortable and luxurious bath with a hydromassage system at an attractive price. The control system installed in the bath is a fairy tale (even for my wife) :)

Tomasz Kłoczko

2011.04.07 - Poznań

I bought the bathtub in March this year and I received it within approximately 10 working days. I was slightly anxious at the beginning but after the installation of the MODERN bathtub and its first use I’ve realized that it was a great choice. I would recommend this bathtub for anyone who needs a bath with a comfortable seat and easy access. Another big plus is the low water consumption. This is a great advantage.

Karolina Kowalik

2011.03.25 - Chełm

The bathtub is perfect for my grandmother who is now over 70. She really needed a bathtub that would provide easy access.

Janusz Gajos

2011.03.20 - Warsaw

Perfect for everyday use. The bathtub is unbeatable in terms of pricing and quality in the European Union.

Sylwester Ślązak

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