BUDO-PLAST - Luxury walk-in bathtubs and easy access (low level) shower trays

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Welcome to the official website of the BUDO-PLAST company.

"BUDO-PLAST" is a leading producer of high quality walk-in bathtubs and easy access shower trays.

Baths and shower trays manufactured by BUDO-PLAST are characterized by their high level of workmanship and ease of use.

They are a great alternative to any other product currently available on the market.


Company History

"BUDO-PLAST" was established as a company in 1987 and primarily produced bathtubs, shower trays and gas/electric meter boxes.

Over the past few years the assortment of products has evolved and the company has expanded resulting in an increase in employment. During these 23 years we have become an expert in the production of Shower/Bath facilities targeted mainly at elderly people and people with disabilities as well as for those with limited mobility.

As a fast-growing company, we try to quickly respond to constantly changing market demands by producing bathtubs and easy access shower trays that are more and more modern and tailored to individual customer needs.

Concern for the satisfaction of every customer is the key objective of our company.

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