BUDO-PLAST - Luxury walk-in bathtubs and easy access (threshold free) shower trays


   As a manufacturer of luxury bathtubs for the disabled and easy access shower trays we have over 20 years of experience in dealing with people that are facing serious joint problems and mobility impairments. For many years we’ve seen how our tubs help people with disabilities and limited mobility having their bath easier, but we always asked ourselves: how we can give greater support to our customers in improving their fitness and health?
   These questions led us to the knowledge of appropriate and effective methods to improve the quality and length of our lives. So dear customer: do you wish to improve physical performance or would you like to completely remove the health problems?
   If you want to learn how to assist your natural health by using natural diet supplements and learn more about their positive impact on your body visit our independent health website at: www.NONI.ie.

www.noni.ie - Online Shop and Health Information Website - Polinesian Noni Juice and Diet Supplements from CaliVita

   Tubs offered by our company, improve the comfort of the bath, but much more effective for improving the health is to take care of our daily diet and supplement it with the natural nutrients and minerals.
   We are not only expert in the manufacture of walk-in bathtubs and easy-access shower trays, but we are also experienced and long-time consultant in the selection of appropriate dietary supplements helping to remove the cause of health problems.


You learn more about your healthYou live longer and healthier !!!


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